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About The Company

We are the best Tensile Shade Structures, Car Parking Shades, Hotel and Restaurant Shades services providers in Pakistan. We cover a broad range of projects size, scope, and density. Some of our major projects include DHA Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Maree and many more. Al Fazal Tensile Concept ensures the design, development, and delivery of the world’s most innovative tensioned membrane products representing quality, progress, imagination and leadership.

At Al-Fazal tensile concepts, we have the capability for all types of Tensile Shade Structures, steel constructions, aluminum and stainless steel with drapery types covering PTFE, PVC, PVDF, and HDPE, KNITTED, ACRYLIC, Polygon, Canvas, and sheets. We outclass in making Car Parking Shades, Swimming Pool Shades, School Shades, Roof Shades, Sitting Area Shades, Mosque Shades, Hotel and Restaurant Shades, Awnings, Canopies, Umbrella Shades, Family Tents, Camping Tents, Pop-up Tents, Canvas Tents, Wedding Tents, Party Tents, Swill Cottage Tents, Marquees, Kids Tents, Patio Umbrellas, Big Warehouse Sheds, Factory Sheds, Asphalt Work etc.

What We Do

All Kind of
Car Parking Shades

All Kind of
Tensile Shade Structures

All Kind of
Canopies & Umbrellas

All Kind of
Hotel & Resorts Shades

All Kind of
Steel & Aluminium Fabrications

All Kind of


Al Fazal Tensile Concept is a complete structure resource, offering customers preconstruction services, product education, manufacturing, installation and long-term customer service of tensile shade structures.

We have successfully completed many projects such as Ministry of Education & Schools, Hotels/Restaurants, Mosques, Stadiums, Commercial and Residential Areas, walk-way shades, Sitting Area Shades, Mall shades, Car parking shades, Swimming Pool Shades, Playing Area Shades, Stadium Shades, Entrance Shades, Canopies, Awnings, Umbrellas and various shades structures within the short span of time, since we are in reality. Quality is the Guarantee of our increasing work line. We dish out quality finished Products, on time, making us a force to count within the shades industry.

Our Process

  • Design Process
  • Project Management
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Installation Process
  • Maintenance Stage

Tensile fabric design is a blend of both science and art. It’s a collective process with our clients with an end result of creating something beautiful and buildable. Our goal is to appreciate your vision. Creativeness is the dynamic strength behind what we do. We believe that if you can visualize it, we can design, manufacture and build it. With backgrounds in the building, product design, and structure managing, we are fully prepared to take on the most difficult projects.

Beyond every project is an outstanding team of people. Our job is to free you up to attention on what’s important. From the moment an agreement is presented and before, we accumulate a team of experts whose job is to yield the design brief and see it through to real-world accomplishment. Controlled by a loyal Project Manager, every step in the process is attentively measured with great devotion to detail.

Accomplishment it precise the first time saves everybody time and money. Every detail is accurately measured. Our manufacture interstellar is prepared with the most cutting-edge expertise and a complete set of services to baste and cut fabric panels to excellence and control only high-frequency machinery for PTFE and PVC materials.

We offer shades and tent installation services across the globe, especially in Pakistan. It is not just about the structure – which deals maximum safety, our designs also look beautifully attractive to the human eye. Critical to the success of a project is the skill and direction of Site Operators whose job is to install structures in some of the most interesting locations all over the world.

Keeping your investment and proposing you amity of mind is important to us. That’s why we have a loyal team to look after our Works all over Pakistan. Just about everything today is maintained – from cars to constructions, to fabric structures and ETFE systems. In order to capitalize on the lifecycle of your structure, we recommend a maintenance plan.

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